The Attraction Cyprus Club of Chow Chow
APHRJW (2009) 2 x EXC, 3 x V.G, 1 x B.J.O.B Qualifying Award Card (Crufts) 1 x B.O.B
Date Awards Judge Comments
14/03/2009 Very  Good Mr. Eberhardt Jochen H.
Very good heavy bitch with rather fine bone, quite massive
head which should be more feminine
Good body, joins should be format, nice coat, typical
15/03/2009 Excellent Mr. Spoljaric Boris Excellent,  pretty head, good bite
Very good topline
Good temperament
16/05/2009 Very  Good Mr. Engh Espen
Excellen  Coat Quality.Black Bitch,Very Pleaseing Type,Typical head,Good light longer legs Well rid, well set of tail but needs to be higher carried.
17/05/2009 Excellent B.O.B., B.J.O.B.
Junior Aphrodite Winner
Mr. Chan Weng Who
Excellen  .Very good condition, very good quality, Nice head expression, good body proportion, good taio front, anh high angulation.
13/03/2010 Excellent Mr.Almgren Hans
Excellent black bitch with typical oriental expression,clear eyes,well carried ears,flat skull between ears with typical stop well patent on the forface.Excellent pigmant good reach of neck.Level topline.Excellent bone and feet well rounded deep chest.Excellent topcoat,attractive color nice temperament
05/03/2011 Very  Good Mrs.Assenmacher Feyayel Hassi
Nice head, good scowl, dark eyes, excellent pigmentation, good ears carrieage good angulation,nice tail carriage, slow movement, good coat and temperament
Junior Aphrodite  Winner  Show, Qualifying Award Card (Crufts)